July 23 - 26


To cite abstracts from the book of abstract, you can use the .bib file containing all the abstracts HERE.

Book of abstracts

The book of abstracts can be found HERE. It contains all the abstracts from SWIM 2019.


In the following are listed all the abstracts and their associated pdf files.

Julien Alexandre dit Sandretto. Confidence-based contractor, propagation and potential cloud for differential equations.

Luis Benet, Marcelo Forets, David P. Sanders, and Christian Schilling. Taylormodels.jl: Taylor models in julia and its application to validated solutions of ODEs.

Étienne Bertin, Elliot Brendel, Bruno Hérissé, Alexandre Chapoutot, and Julien Alexandre dit Sandretto. Prospects on the application of necessary optimality conditions on the resolution of the goddard problem with unknown bounded parameters using interval arithmetics.

Jason Brown and François Pessaux. Interval-Based Simulation of Zélus IVPs Using DynIbex.

Julien Damers, Luc Jaulin, and Simon Rohou. Guaranteed interval integration for large initial boxes.

Hani Dbouk and Steffen Schön. Interval based fault detection and exclusion for gnss.

Vincent Drevelle. Bounded-error victim localization for UAV-based search and rescue operations.

Thomas Gatto, Luc Meyer, and Hélène Piet-Lahanier. A polytopic box particle filter for state estimation of non linear discrete-time systems.

Julia Kersten, Andreas Rauh, and Harald Aschemann. Analyzing uncertain dynamical systems after state-space transformations into cooperative forms.

Amit Kumar and Olivier Mullier. Guaranteed trajectory tracking using flatness.

Marko Lange. Rigorous bounds for ill-posed linear programming problems.

Alexandre Lefort. Efficient computation of the set of stabilizing controllers for an LTI System using intervals.

Shuchen Liu, Jan-Jöran Gehrt, Dirk Abel, and René Zweigel. Identification of multi-faults in GNSS signals using RSIVIA under dual constellation.

Dory Merhy, Cristina Stoica Maniu, Teodoro Alamo, Eduardo F. Camacho, Thomas Chevet, Maria Makarov, and Israel Hinostroza. Zonotopic set- membership state estimation applied to an octorotor model.

Olivier Mullier and Julien Alexandre dit Sandretto. Computation of integrals with interval endpoints.

K. A. Nasiotis, D. López, S. P. Adam, and L. G. Casado. Set inversion via interval analysis – a study on parallel processing implementation.

Svetlana Selivanova and Martin Ziegler. Turnkey Solutions to PDEs in Exact Real Computation.

Thibault Nico, Luc Jaulin, and Benoı̂t Zerr. Guaranteed polynesian navigation.

Nacim Ramdani, Demetrios Zeinalipour-Yazti, Michalis Karamousadakis, and Andreas Panayides. Towards an interval fingerprinting approach for indoor localization.

Andreas Rauh and Julia Kersten. Toward the development of iteration procedures for the interval-based simulation of fractional-order systems.

Nathalie Revol. The MPFI library revisited.

Simon Rohou, Peter Franek, Clément Aubry, and Luc Jaulin. Verifying the existence of loops in robot trajectories.

Joris Tillet, Luc Jaulin, and Fabrice Le Bars. Validation of a controller under state constraints.

Raphael Voges and Bernardo Wagner. Extrinsic calibration between a 3D laser scanner and a camera under interval uncertainty.

Evgeniya Vorontsova. Interval computations in julia programming language.